Make. Us. Famous.

Make us famous - write Rollerblades in for Baltimore Magazine's "Best Of" poll! Hey friends. Isn't it a TRAVESTY that 90's music hasn't had its day in the sun since, well, the 90's? We all know it's overdue, and for the past year Rollerblades has been doing our best to bring about the 90's renaissance. First Baltimore. Next, the world!

Wouldn't it be awesome if we could jumpstart this inevitable triumph by taking Baltimore Magazine's "Best Band" in their 2012 Reader's Poll? Well we're about to blow it up like Bruce Willis on the Armageddon asteroid.

To do the impossible, we're going to need your help! Please support us by going to and writing in Rollerblades as Best Band. Every vote counts, and even if we don't win (oh, but we WILL) we'll get the attention of the magazine!

Deadline is June 15th - vote today and spread the word!

Thanks all! J, J, M & D