Best. Party. Ever.


Well it's official.  Allison and Jon have thrown the best 90s costume party to date.  Hands down.  C.J. Parker and Mitch Buchannon had a dance off on the floor while Super Mario (the 90s one) passed out hors d'oeuvres.  My personal highlight of the night was getting to twirl the sticks while playing "Creep" while wearing the above costume.

Dance party third set

Top songs of the evening:

"The Next Episode"
"What's Up"
"I Believe I Can Fly"

Forever keeping the 90s alive,
J Cool, on behalf of the Blades

Thank You Frostburg!

Rollerblades on roller skates.

Rollerblades on roller skates.

We had an absolutely fantastic time last night on a TUESDAY evening at Frostburg State University!  After a 2 hour drive in the rain, we arrived at a very welcoming concert hall with a 20-member crew assembling the sound and lighting rig on a huge stage.  Additional crew members were putting together a roller rink and setting up a rental booth where students could get free skates.  They were even so nice as to let us use the skates before anyone was allowed was awesome.

We opened up with Blur's "Song 2" and kept things uptempo for a bit before moving into some smooth alt-rock jams and making our way over to R&B and hip-hop.  


My view for most of the evening

My view for most of the evening

Everyone on staff was extremely friendly and even gave us some sweet shirts (pics to follow soon).  It was a perfect night for us and the students who had just finished up their first day of class.  Thank you so much FROSTBURG!

...And here are some more pics of us on roller skates:

BONUS:  Visit our Flickr page for more photos




Congrats John and Casey!

What a great wedding last night! We played at Spring Hill Manor on the PA/MD border, which is a pretty awesome place.  Here are some things that happened:

Dave made a new friend...


John (the groom) rocked out with us on drums for Weezer's 'Say it Ain't So...'


We got hearts in corks like all the guests and got to chow down on a BREAKFAST BUFFET IN THE EVENING. Why doesn't every wedding do this?!?!?!? Also, Captain Morgan spiced apple cider was flowing. We ate and drank too fast to take any pictures of those things so you'll have to settle for seeing the hearts... 


And then, Justin saved a piece of cake under his drum to eat at the end of the night... 


A perfect show. Thanks for having us, John and Casey!

Best of Baltimore - Thank you & a deal below!

Friends, Thank you so, so very much for your votes in the Baltimore Magazine Best of Baltimore Readers' Poll! Aaaaaaaand....

...we are CRAZY EXCITED to tell you that your voting has paid off in a huge way for us - we were asked by the magazine to be the exclusive party band at this year's Best of Baltimore Party! On Thursday, August 16th we'll be rocking the Hippodrome Theatre with the best of the 90's - and we want you to be there!

As a special perk for Rollerblades fans, you can get $5 off the ticket price when you purchase online at Just click on "Enter promotional code" in the ticket window and type TC38. You should see the price adjust right away before you checkout.

Thanks for believing in us! We can't wait to party with you this summer.

-J, J, M & D

Rollerblades is the 2012 Best of Baltimore Party Band!

Make. Us. Famous.

Make us famous - write Rollerblades in for Baltimore Magazine's "Best Of" poll! Hey friends. Isn't it a TRAVESTY that 90's music hasn't had its day in the sun since, well, the 90's? We all know it's overdue, and for the past year Rollerblades has been doing our best to bring about the 90's renaissance. First Baltimore. Next, the world!

Wouldn't it be awesome if we could jumpstart this inevitable triumph by taking Baltimore Magazine's "Best Band" in their 2012 Reader's Poll? Well we're about to blow it up like Bruce Willis on the Armageddon asteroid.

To do the impossible, we're going to need your help! Please support us by going to and writing in Rollerblades as Best Band. Every vote counts, and even if we don't win (oh, but we WILL) we'll get the attention of the magazine!

Deadline is June 15th - vote today and spread the word!

Thanks all! J, J, M & D

It's springtime!

Hey everybody! The last few weeks have had some incredible 70 degree days, and you know what that means - we're just around the corner from awesome summer shows! We're especially excited for what's gonna be an insane night at Fager's Island in Ocean City on CINCO DE MAYO!!!

2012 will be out first full spring and summer schedule as a band and we're real excited to see you out there. If you haven't already, make sure to check out our Facebook page and click 'Like' - we announce all the details of our shows there and make sure to provide some links to nostalgic nuggets from the 90's from time to time.

Oh, and what kinds of new songs are we playing these days? Glad you asked! Check out the updated song list HERE and be sure to send in your requests using the form to the right!

Later gators, Jim, Big D, J Cool, and Mike

Happy New Year!

Hey everybody! Testing out our new blog feature for the first time! We can't believe the year we had in 2011 that all started with a simple email exchange about putting together a 90's cover band.  12 months later we've had a chance to party with lots of old and new friends at a bunch of shows, reliving all the songs we grew up on.  Our calendar is getting booked quick for this new year, and you'll always be able to see a list of our upcoming shows here on this website as well as on our Facebook page.

In the meantime, check out some fun video highlights of our December 9th show at Padonia Station and make plans to join us there again on Saturday, January 21, 2012!

-Big D, Jim, J Cool, Mike